Animate Your Park in Winter

January 21, 2020

Jodi Lastman

Do you count yourself as an ‘indoorsy’ person during the winter months? Winter-loving folks will tell you that you need to “change your attitude” and learn to love winter. The term attitude (singular) suggests that you have just one (a bad one) and you need to turn it around (in the frigid temperatures of winter nonetheless).

When it comes to finding a way to love winter, I prefer the term ‘mindsets’ to attitude. Mindsets are defined as the many “lenses through which information is perceived, organized and interpreted.

The challenge with winter is not singular, it’s plural. To be more explicit, winter is dark, cold and snowy. This is not an attitude, it is an external reality. But, breaking the challenges with winter down helps us find tangible ways to shift our mindsets.

We know we benefit when we get outside and connect with others when winter makes us feel isolated.

Park groups across Canada are helping us find light in the dark, warmth in the cold and a ball in the snow.


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