Jane’s Walk

November 30, 2017

Jodi Lastman

Jane’s Walks are citizen-led walking discussions that encourage people to build stronger neighbourhoods through conversation. Named for Jane Jacobs, an urban activist who was extremely vocal in protecting the needs of city-dwellers, Jane’s Walks provide a closer look into communities from the vantage point of the people who live there.

These neighbourhood strolls are a great activity for a new community park group because they’re free, inclusive, and fun. A major benefit of these guided walks is that they help people imagine what’s possible for their park and see opportunities for how the park can be improved or animated, which in turn spurs on more involvement and engagement in your community park group.

It’s no wonder Jane’s Walks are growing in popularity around the world when personal connections become more sparse due to social media. Before you begin your own walk, have a look at the website to see different examples from your city, Canada, and other parks around the world.


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