Make your park clean-up a great community event

April 18, 2019

Clemence Marcastel

After the snow has melted, revealing all of the winter left-overs, spring is the perfect time to gather together to clean-up the park. Park clean-ups have a lot of advantages: they are relatively simple first events for new park groups that help build engagement, and they give people a sense of ownership over the park which can lead to a deeper commitment to the park and its stewardship.  If you’re organizing your first park clean-up park, we’ve put together a resource featuring 5 tips to make your first cleanup a huge success.

In this resource, we highlight the work John Beers from The Friends of Oakridge Park and Leonard Swartz from Friends of Regent Park, both of whom have been organizing successful and engaging park clean-up for several years. Each of their clean up events have more than 100 people in attendance. That makes them ideal candidates to share their experiences about how to make your clean-up a great spring gathering in the park


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