Pumpkin parade

November 27, 2017


On November 1st, Halloween might be over, but your neighbourhood still has a chance to come together to share in a Pumpkin Parade. Pumpkin Parades provide an opportunity to have a magical evening with your neighbours to enjoy the artistry of jack-o-lanterns one last time. 

Here’s how it works: Community members gather up their jack-o-lanterns and bring them to the park, placing them along designated pathways. If you make the right arrangements up front, the pumpkins can be put in a compost bin at the end of the night, giving people another incentive to bring their jack-o-lanterns to the park. 

This non-denominational, non-religious, and free festival has caught on in Toronto (47 Parades in 2017) and has already spread to Regina, Burnaby, Montreal and St. Johns. Its appeal is largely due to the fact that Pumpkin Parades are quite easy to put together and they are a great event for families in particular. However, the events attract a healthy cross-section of community members including seniors, teens,  professional photographers and enthusiastic Instagrammers alike. 

If your local park doesn’t have a Pumpkin Parade yet, and you’d like to create one with your community park group, here is a step-by-step guide to starting your own glowing tradition.


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