Greening projects in your public housing community

June 12, 2018

Laura Beattie

Ten years ago, TCHC’s Gordonridge had 12 community gardening plots. In response to resident demand and tireless outreach efforts, that number eventually increased to 32 and today their community garden has 70 plots.

Gordonridge’s residents have worked hard for more than a decade to build up their greening capacities. In addition to their large community garden, they have also established a pollinator garden and a market garden. They have started to experiment with beekeeping and honey production, and for their most recent undertaking, they have planted a small orchard with a variety of fruit-bearing trees.

None of this happened overnight though; these projects have been built up over a long period of time.  Their efforts have helped us develop a list of critical things to keep in mind to help you create successful and enduring greening projects in your community.


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