Advancing Climate Justice in Parks: A Conversation with Experts

In Park People’s 2021 Canadian City Parks Report, we dove deep into leading research on the role of parks in climate resilience and the critical importance of embedding an environmental justice lens into this work.

Building off this research, in November we held a webinar titled, “Advancing Climate Justice in Parks: How using an environmental justice lens can help tackle climate change resilience and inequity in parks.” We were joined by Larissa Crawford, Founder and Managing Director of Future Ancestors Services; Lorien Nesbitt. Assistant Professor, Urban Forestry and Environmental Justice at the University of British Columbia; Zamani Ra, Founder of CEED Canada.

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The Canadian City Parks Report takes a close look at the trends, challenges, and opportunities facing city parks, tracked annually through key indicators and stories. It’s goal is to inform and inspire city staff, community members, professionals, politicians, and non-profits by highlighting leading-edge Canadian practices and tracking the pulse of city parks.

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