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Let’s Play: Montreal in Toronto

Park People’s Park Summit is Canada’s largest celebration of parks. The 8th Annual Park Summit will take a seriously inspiring look at play in parks and public spaces.

Join us on Saturday, February 24th from 1:00-4:30 pm at Toronto’s Daniels Spectrum for Canada’s largest gathering of park leaders and champions, planning and design professionals and city builders.

Playing together alleviates stress, promotes creativity, and makes people of all ages healthier and happier. Montreal has a special knack for play, so we’ve invited speakers from that city to share their formula for upping the fun factor in our parks and public spaces.

We hope you’ll join us for Let’s Play: Montreal in Toronto.










Keynote Speaker

Mouna Andraos, Co-Founder, Daily tous les jours 

Mouna Andraos is co-founder at Montreal’s Daily tous les jours, an interactive design studio that creates large-scale public installations that encourage participation and spark joy. One of these installations, 21 Balançoires (swings), launched in a busy Montreal square and invited passers-by to work together to produce melodies on a huge swing set. Other projects include a field of microphones that produce a giant sing-along,  huge oversize balloons that invite visitors to share their dreams for a new public space and interactive pavement that reacts to the shadows of passersby by playing sounds of singing voices. Check out a video featuring 21 Balançoires


Community Showcase

Janelle Richards, Education Lead, Green Change-Jane/Finch Family Community Centre

Janelle is the education lead for Green Change, a satellite of the Jane/Finch Centre located in Northwest Toronto. Green Change’s focus is on connecting people, place and the environment to realize new possibilities for change in their communities. Green Change has actively used play to connect local youth to their underused green spaces and in turn cultivate local kids’ ownership over their underused park space and provided early lessons in civic engagement and advocacy.


Marie-Hélène Roch, Founding Member, Ruelle No 13 project

Marie-Hélène’s master’s degree research in urban studies is focused on winter cities, active mobility, and four-season urban design initiatives. Celebrating winter is also central to a project she helped found in her Montreal neighborhood. As a founding member of Ruelle No 13 project, Marie-Hélène has played an instrumental role in transforming a laneway in her community of Villeray into a snow-filled ‘white laneway’ for activities like tree decorating and sharing food outdoors. This citizen-led initiative that has reclaimed this underutilized urban space and made it an engaging community space all year-round, even in cold winter months.


Caroline Magar, Development Coordinator, Les Amis du Champs des Possibles

Environmental designer and landscape architect, Caroline Magar has worked with Les Amis du Champ des Possibles to transform a former Montreal rail line into a semi-wild place where people can experience nature in a high-density neighborhood. The organization strives to encourage deep, meaningful relationships between people and the natural world with a firm belief that people need to get their hands dirty, go off the trail and have the freedom to explore and play in their own ways.  Caroline and her team have partnered with numerous groups to cultivate these deep connections to nature, such as the ‘grandparent astronomers’ in a local seniors residence, to explore new, playful ways to bring people to the Champs des Possibles.

Lisa Dietrich, CultureLink Volunteer

A native of Germany, Lisa has lived in Toronto since 2008. In her role as designer and project lead at PLANT Architect Inc., she was deeply involved in the Nathan Phillips Square Revitalization. Her public space-related volunteer work has included hosting guided tours on behalf of Toronto Society of Architects and Jane’s Walk. For CultureLink, an NGO that provides settlement services to newcomers to Canada, Lisa mentors a group of volunteers in organizing public events throughout Toronto to help newcomers feel more engaged, informed, and at home in the city.

Special Presentations

Clay & Paper Theatre

Since 1997, Clay & Paper Theatre has been creating, developing and performing multi-disciplinary, community-driven theatrical works using narrative theatre and large-scale puppetry in public spaces for large and diverse audiences. Clay & Paper Theatre produces plays, pageants and parades, grounded in the idea that performance in public space is an act of cultural transformation. Their practice of building, rehearsing, and performing in full public view is an attempt to “bring back the commons,” reunite art with the daily life of the community, and to make art accessible to all.


Regent Park Bake Oven

Join us at the Regent Park bake oven from 11:30 to 12:30 to participate in two great Montreal culinary experiences. We’ll be baking Montreal bagels in the bak oven, and hosting sugaring off with maple taffy around the fire before the Summit kicks off.







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