1. How do I find out more information?

In February 2020, Park People will host webinars to answer any questions about the grant and application process. Please sign up to receive our newsletter for updates on when these webinars are taking place. If you have more detailed questions, please join us for these events.

If you are unable to join us for those webinars, please email your questions to  and a Park People staff member will be more than happy to answer them. For questions about starting your own park group please check out our “How to Start a Park Group” page on the Park People website.

2. How are decisions made?

A: Decisions will be made by a team of reviewers comprised of Park People staff in consultation with TD and our local community partners from each municipality.

Applications will be based on the following criteria:

  • Strength of the application – past event experience, compelling argument describing the proposed events
  • Environmental focus –  groups should incorporate an environmental care or protection component to their events or event activities
  • Originality of the event ideas – aiming for many different types of events in parks
  • Geographic diversity – representation of many neighbourhoods in each city
  • How many people the events aim to reach
  • Evidence of consideration of inclusion/accessibility

While meeting any or all of these criteria will not guarantee that your group will be awarded a grant, these are some of the qualities that we are looking for in each application.

3. What counts as a park or green space?

A: Park People defines parks and green spaces as public spaces readily accessible to the public. Examples of parks or green spaces include city parks, social housing property, school grounds and other urban green spaces that are publicly accessible. Private property or green spaces that are not open to the public are not eligible for the grant; however, if you have questions about your park or green space, please get in touch with us to confirm eligibility.

4. How can our group or events demonstrate an environmental focus?

A: Your group can link to an environmental focus in many ways, whether through environmental education, a commitment to sustainability practices, or stewardship activities. You can help to raise awareness on environmental issues, such as climate change, or teach your community about the local environment by hosting a nature walk. Your group can demonstrate an environmental focus by committing to sustainability practices; for example, by ensuring your event is zero-waste or hosting a bike repair clinic or clothing swap. Stewardship activities could include park cleanups, planting and gardening, invasive species removal, and other projects that enhance your local green space. We encourage you to get creative and think outside the box!

5. How do we get a park permit and insurance?

A: Each municipality has a different process for obtaining permits and insurance requirements for different events. Before applying to the TD Park People Grant, we strongly suggest that you review the insurance requirements and park permit application process for your city to ensure that your events comply with their regulations. If you have questions on how to obtain insurance for your event or insurance rates, please contact the parks department of your municipality for more information. Many municipalities offer event insurance or can direct you to an insurance provider. Check out if your group falls within the geographic granting area in question #15 of the FAQ


6. How much time will the application process take? What information do you ask for?

A: The 10-question application form should take about 30 minutes to complete once you’ve planned out your events. Here is a preview of the questions:

  1. Contact information
  2. Description of your group/organization
  3. Description of your past experiences hosting community events in parks and green spaces
  4. If you are partnering with other groups or organizations, please list them and briefly describe their role
  5. Briefly describe the three events you would like to host
  6. What efforts will you make to ensure your events are inclusive and accessible?
  7. Description of how your proposed events will have an environmental focus (i.e. environmental education, a commitment to sustainability practices, or stewardship activities).
  8. What significance will these events have for your community?
  9. Provide a high-level budget
  10. List any other sources of funding, confirmed or expected.

To access the application form, register your group with the Park People network, or log in to your existing account.

To access the application form, register with the Park People network or login using your existing username and password.

7. When are applications due?

A: Applications are due March 2, 2020, at 11:59 pm EST by email to

8. When will we hear about the success of our application?

A: Successful applicants will be notified in early April 2020. We will be providing feedback opportunities for applicants after this time as well.

9. How do I submit a digital form with a signature?

A: You can print off the signature page, sign it, scan and send it back to us as a separate document.

10. Can we submit our application in French?

A: Mais oui! Find our French application and eligibility requirements here.

Park Groups

11. Are small informal groups eligible to receive the grant?

A: Yes, grassroots community groups and small community-based organizations are eligible. Community groups interested in applying to the grant are not required to have a trustee or have charitable status. In the case of smaller or newly formed groups who do not have event planning experience, we strongly suggest collaborating with a local organization that does. Grassroots community groups representing diverse communities or neighborhoods are especially encouraged to apply.

12. If we don’t have non-profit status, do we need to find a group with non-profit status to be our sponsor?

A: No. You do not need non-profit or charitable status to apply. Informal grassroots groups are welcome to apply.

13. We are a new group and we are partnering with an existing organization to host our events. Are we eligible?

A: Yes. We encourage new groups to apply and we encourage partnerships with other organizations who can provide support for your events

14. Are BIA’s allowed to apply?

A: Yes. BIA’s are eligible to apply for the grant so long as the events meet the eligibility criteria outlined  in the guidelines section of the grants page

15. Are municipalities allowed to apply?

A: No, municipalities are not eligible to apply for a TD Park People Grant. The grant is aimed at grassroots community groups  that include, but are not limited to: volunteer-based park groups, local agencies, resident associations, and not-for-profit groups active in their local parks.  However, partnerships between any or all of the above and a municipality will be accepted, as long as the application is submitted by the group, not the municipality.

16. We are not sure if our group’s geographic location is included in one of the seven areas listed. Can you please clarify?

A: If you are not sure if your group falls within the program’s geographic granting areas, please check out the maps linked below, or email us at

17. If our group is located outside of the nine geographic areas, can we still apply for the grant?

A: Only groups based in the selected nine areas are eligible to apply. We hope to expand the program in the future to include more cities across Canada. To keep up to date with changes to the TD Park People Grant program or other funding opportunities, sign up for our newsletter or join the Park People Network.

18. We have previously received a TD Park People Grant. Are we eligible to apply this year?

A: Yes. However, we would like to support as many new community groups as possible, so in cases of comparable applications, preference will be given to applicants who have not previously received a grant. If you did receive a previous TD Park People Grant, we will be looking for new ideas and events than what was previously funded.


19. Can we host events in different parks around the city?

A: Yes. The three events can be held in multiple locations in the city, or in the same location.

20. Can we target our events to specific communities?

A: You are welcome to focus your event theme or outreach efforts in specific communities as long as the event remains open to everyone.

21. We would like to do a three-part event series that takes places over the spring, summer and fall. Would this count as one or three events?

A: It would count as three events. Remember that one event must take place on June 20, 2020.

22. When should our events happen? 

A: One of your three events must take place on June 20, 2020 (the first day of summer when we’ll be celebrating a “park day” across the country)  You can select dates for the other two events. We’ve chosen the first day of summer to promote Park Day, where all 92 TD Park People Grantees will celebrate vibrant parks. The day will be promoted through Park People social media channels and through a media relations effort. 

23. Is the grant for providing funding for new park events or can we apply for events that we are currently running? Do all three events have to also be new or can the three events be a combination of new and currently running events?

A: This grant was created to support community led groups animate their local city parks through new or existing parks programming, so groups can apply for programming that they are currently running or a combination of new and old events, or all new events. But remember that one of the three events does need to take place on June 20th



24. Can we use the funds for transportation to an event, for example bus tickets?

A: Yes.

27. How many grants will be awarded?

A: 92 grants in total across the nine geographic areas.

28. Can I combine this funding with funding from other sources?

A: Yes! Money received from this grant can be combined with other sources of funding.

29. Is $2000 the amount per event or the amount of the grant in total?

A: If successful, you will receive $2000 in total, to be spread across your three events.

30. If our grant application is successful when will we receive the grant money?

A: Cheques for the events will be mailed to successful applicants in early May

31. If we have previously received a TD Friends of the Environment grant, can we apply to TD Park People Grants?

A. Yes. Receiving TD Friends of the Environment Foundation Grants does not make a group ineligible for TD Park People grants, however, the scope of the grants are different.  The TD Park People Grants are intended for grassroots community groups that include, but are not limited to, volunteer-based park groups, local agencies, resident associations, not-for-profit groups active in their local parks. For more information about TD FEF Grants, click here.

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