Funding for Parks: Funding Resources to Improve and Animate Your Park


Park People Partership Funding Opportunities

Weston Family Parks Challenge

Great parks are essential to Toronto’s health and vitality. They strengthen the community and provide environmental, economic and social benefits. With a commitment of $5 million over three years, The W. Garfield Weston Foundation launched the Weston Family Parks Challenge to ensure the long-term sustainability of Toronto’s parks. Building on the success of the first year, the Ontario Trillium Foundation joined in 2014 with an additional commitment of $1.125 million towards the initiative. Park People brings expertise and is administering the program.  Learn More ➜

TD Park Builder’s

In partnership with Park People, TD Park Builder’s Program encourages community engagement and animation of vital community green space in Toronto’s Neighbourhood Improvement Areas. As one of our Sparking Change initiatives, Park People supports the work of current Friends of City Park groups and helps bring new ones to life.  We also engage community agencies helping underserved neighbourhoods have parks act as vibrant community hubs. TD Park Builder’s Program also provides funding for park events and small capital improvement projects ranging from $500-$5,000. More details on the program can be found in our program guidelines. To learn more about how to participate in the TD Park Builders Program, please contact

Arts in the Parks: Animating Toronto Parks

Arts in the Parks, a Toronto Arts Council’s program, provides free arts programming to Toronto parks, with a focus on underserved parks outside of the downtown core.  Park People helps guide the project and connects artists supported by The Toronto Arts Foundation to underserved park groups in our network. Stay tuned for updates about the 2017 Arts in the Parks program.

Additional Funding Opportunities for Parks


Evergreen provides funding for community stewardship initiatives in partnership with Toyota and WalMart  Learn More ➜

Home Depot Canada Foundation:

 Grants for playground and park improvements. Learn More ➜


 Grants and resources for improving playgrounds. Learn More ➜

Ontario Trillium Foundation:

Operating and capital grants to support community work and park improvements. Learn More ➜

The Foundation supports a wide range of environmental initiatives, with a primary focus on environmental education, urban greening and enhancing biodiversity, and energy conservation. Learn More ➜

Partnering with communities, the Toronto Park and Trees Foundation helps them fulfill their visions for neighbourhood green spaces. Learn More ➜

Funding Stories:

Making Magic in Thorncliffe Park

I could tell you about the TAG Café, a café and a beacon that uses food and music to bring people and vibrant culture to Thorncliffe's R.V Burgess park. I could also tell you about a community-build for the café that incorporated hand-woven panels of vibrant red,...

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Why Artists-In-Residence Make Sense for Parks

One of the things that draws us to parks is that they give us the chance to step back from our daily lives and return to the world just a little better. That's partly why arts make sense in parks. As Picasso said" "art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday...

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