Park People supports and mobilizes people to help them activate the power of parks to improve quality of life in cities across Canada.

What’s Happening at Park People?

Join Park People on July 14th to learn how Friends of Roxton Road Parks collaborated with the City of Toronto and other partners to renovate and transform an underused building in Fred Hamilton Park into an attractive and accessible community kitchenette (called Fred’s), edible garden, and more.

Over 400 park groups across Canada are part of the Park People Network. Use our interactive map to find park events and volunteer opportunities in your city.

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The Bentway promised us a lot—and it’s delivering

When The Bentway (then Project: Under Gardiner) was announced back in the fall of 2015, people seemed to have one of two reactions. The first was excitement about the idea of a new public space underneath the elevated Gardiner Expressway, energizing an area that had...

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The park people have spoken!

The park people have spoken! Responses from last year’s Park People Survey guide our work as we continue to help you make awesome things happen in city parks. We hope that the survey will also help you to see your work in a broader context.  What do park groups see as...

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A Walk in the Park at Rowntree Mills

Park People recently launched A Walk in the Park, a program to establish community-led walking programs in parks across Toronto. The program will help train walk-leaders and support them in leading walks that connect older adults, seniors, and newcomers with easily...

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TD Park People Grant Recipients: A Roundup

Today, more Canadians live alone than in any other time in our history. A recent Environics survey conducted by TD Bank Group found that 34% of Canadians don’t feel included in their communities. These figures show that we need to be more deliberate about fostering...

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The Meadoway: a 16km thriving green space and connector

When you hear the words “hydro corridor” it doesn’t necessarily stir up images of native grasses waving in the wind amongst wildflowers with delicate butterflies perched on their petals. And yet, for portions of the Gatineau hydro corridor in Toronto's Scarborough...

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