Park People helps people activate the power of parks to improve the quality of life in cities across Canada.

86% of Canadians live in cities and more Canadians live alone than ever before. The potential of parks to impact many of the challenges of urban life makes them more relevant now than ever.

Join us to make something awesome happen in our city parks.

Park People | July 2022

Canadian City Parks Report

Highlighting the trends, challenges, and leading practices in 30 Canadian cities to inspire action, share learning, and track progress in city parks across the country.

Salmon Walk
Since 2011, we've engaged 850 park groups,
in 46 cities
who've hosted more than 3,000 events,
attended by 275,000 people,
supported by 23,000 volunteers.
We've also directed investments of > $6m to parks & park programming.

Whether you work or volunteer in parks we're here to help you realize your vision with information, services and funding.