Best Picnic Tips & Recipes

juin 16, 2022
Park People

Park People social committee asked our team to share their favourite recipes and best tips to make a great picnic in a park. 

In celebration of International Picnic Day on June 18, we’ve decided to share this ‘Park People’s Best Picnic Tips and Recipies‘ cookbook with our community.

Here is a sneak peek of all the wonderful recipes you can find in the book. Enjoy! 

Something Savory: 

  • Watermelon Salad, from Ayesha
  • Couscous Tabouleh, from Clémence C. 
  • Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno Peppers, from Eliesha
  • Chicken Afritada, from Jeanny
  • Panzanella (Tuscan tomato and bread salad), from Jodi
  • Bacon Sesame Coleslaw, from Kelsey
  • Summer Salad, from Michelle
  • Tomato Basil Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette, from Rachel
  • Grilled Veggie Kebabs, from Rose
  • Easy Peasy Kale & Beet Salad, from Sheleena

Something Sweet: 

  • Chocolate Chip Cookie, from Cindy
  • Cherry Clafoutis, from Clémence M. 
  • Strawberry Angel Food, from Hannah
  • Strawberry Summer Cake, from Natalie
  • 4-ingredient Mango Sorbet. from Sean

Something to Drink: 

  • Matcha Smoothie, from Adri
  • Rhubarb Strawberry Shrub, from Erika 
  • Paloudeh (Melon Slushy), from Mash
  • Molly’s Spicy Marg, from Molly
  • Lazy Summer Sour, from Steph
  • Peach Sangria, from Sue
  • Elderflower Champagne, from Wes

Something Else: 

  • Bar Nuts, from Dave
  • Scone Dogs, from Mathew
  • Ice Cream, from Stefan
  • Secret Crêpes, from Yann.


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