Greenbelt River Valley Connector Program FAQ

We’re excited you’re sharing your ideas with us! To further assist you through the application process, we’ve compiled a few Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Visit the program’s homepage for full details on eligibility and requirements. If you have additional questions, you can always send an email to

I’m a publically-funded entity (municipality or school), do I need to partner with a charity or non-profit organization?

No, however partnerships and collaborations with charities are encouraged.

What level of detail should be captured in the budget?

Please individually outline all expected expenses in your application. For example, use separate lines to convey the budget you foresee going to professional services, human resources, equipment and supplies, marketing and communications etc.

Can I apply for multi-year funding?

Grants will be awarded on an annual basis. Applicants may apply for the same project during each funding cycle.

If I apply for funding this round, can the project take place the following year?

As noted in the eligibility section, projects are funded on an annual basis. Programming must take place in the same calendar year.

Can I apply for more than one project?

We are not limiting you to one submission; however – we encourage you to prioritize your ideas and focus your resources to key projects.

I’m a volunteer group with a great idea!  Do I need charitable status?

In order to complete the application, one of the project partners must be a charitable trustee, non-profit or have Canadian charitable status.

I have a great idea! Can I apply by myself?

Applications from individuals will not be accepted; however – we encourage collaborations between multiple stakeholders. In order to dispense funds, one of the project partners should include a registered Canadian charity, incorporated non-profit organization or public sector entity.

I’m not the landowner, do I need to have a letter of permission in place before applying?

Letters of permission and support can be forwarded following the submission deadline; however – will be required before any contract agreements are issued.

Can I apply for a project outside of the designated URV boundaries?

All projects must occur within or in close proximity to a designated URV. This includes secondary tributaries and streams. Please provide as much detail as possible when describing your project location and attach a keymap and/or site plan where applicable. 

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