Community park group

Marpole Temporary Community Garden

We are a very active garden group here in Marpole, Vancouver, BC. We acknowledge the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh Peoples with great thanks to them and the land that we are on. We also acknowledge the wrongs that have been perpetrated to Indigenous Peoples historically and currently continue. Only once we acknowledge something can we possibly begin to heal the relationships. What we are finding is that the ways to ensure a sustainable, abundant and healthy planet are the ways that Indigenous Peoples around the world have been practicing for thousands of years. This park space is where you will find nice people who started out as strangers and now keep busy at this community oriented garden. This site at the beginning of the pandemic was locked up and neglected, and once I started cleaning it up and made it open to the public, people just started poking their heads in and asking about joining in. All are invited to enjoy a plot, the bounty of nature, the creatures that abound or even just some company. We will be putting on workshops this year to teach people how to grow their own food, using Permaculture and Syntropic agriculture concepts, ethics and principles, all derived from Indigenous techniques from thousands of years ago. We hope to engage the community even further by collaborating with the local non-profits, daycares and schools for tours and hands-on education about growing food, building community and deepening the connection with the land. As we all learn more about Indigenous culture and foodways, being outside and appreciating each other and the great abundance of the land, we hope for new relationships to be built. The gardeners around here share, care and are just fun to be around! This garden space is unique because of its temporary nature, we are situated on a site that is waiting to be developed and the developer has gifted this space to the community until the construction project is ready to go ahead. While they are waiting for the lot to be rezoned, it is classified temporarily by BC Assessment as "Recreational/Park Space". So we are making the most of it while we have it!