Meet our 2022 InTO the Ravines Community Champions

InTO the Ravines Community Champions are community leaders who engage their communities in Toronto’s one-of-a-kind ravine system.

Here is what they have to say about their ravines and role.



Angela Wong and Judy Du from East Don Parkland

“We are very grateful to live close to the East Don Parkland and have spent a lot of time enjoying the natural beauty during Covid. It would be nice to get more people out of their homes and experience walking along the ravine. Hiking in the ravine is a great way to escape from our busy lives. We would love to take more people out to enjoy the scenery, make social connections, and also understand how to protect the surrounding natural beauty.”



Tennesha Joseph and Nithursan Elamuhilan from Morningside Park

“As Scarborough residents, Tennesha and Nithursan have been fortunate to have grown up around and still be surrounded by numerous parks and greenspaces. We are excited about the opportunity to help our communities connect and learn more about the ravine system and surrounding greenspace within Morningside Park. For decades, this location has been more than just a recreational space, often serving as the de facto meeting grounds for many east-end residents. We appreciate and look forward to the opportunity in becoming InTO the Ravine Champions, putting a spotlight on the role ravines play in local conservation efforts, mental health, and being an active part of the communities it connects with.”



Maggie Dunlop and Francine Brunet from Black Creek (Smythe Park)

“We are excited to be InTO the Ravines Community Champions. We want to learn how to introduce children to the abundant diversity we are so lucky to have on our doorstep in this community, and we think Park People will set us going on that path. We think participating in this program will benefit our community because more events in Smythe Park means it will receive more attention and bring more people to care about it through the children and families who learn about our biosphere.”



Shah Mohiuddin and Rabiul Islam from Warden Woods

“Warden Woods Ravine is naturally beautiful having trail, trees and birds. Residents nearby will get the opportunity to walk in the trail getting fresh air and will see birds, trees.”



Coleen Jackson and Larry Jackson from Humber River

“Larry and I are excited to become InTO the Ravine Community Champions because we share a common love for nature and our local Ravine and we want to educate our neighbours about the benefits of taking care of our Ravine.”



Nessa and Salmina from West Hill Watercourse, Deekshill Park

“The pandemic has highlighted how equity-deserving populations face barriers to accessing essential spaces (including green ones!), resources, and other people to thrive. We are excited to reconnect with the land and water that we live on to counteract these barriers and honour Indigenous histories and perspectives as we engage in this reconnection.”



Mellisa Lai and Alina from Betty Sutherland Trail Park

“We are so grateful and excited to become InTO the Ravines Community Champions. It would be a great opportunity to engage local Chinese community members and connect them with nature including local ravines. We believe it is also a creative way to support newcomers’ integration into new life in Canada.”



Petra Andela and Jonathan Carver

“I feel my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery-air, mountains, trees, people. I thought, “This is what it is to be happy”. A reminder.”



Alex and Emily Cooper

“Year after year, Toronto’s ravines follow a similar ebb and flows of life throughout the four seasons that we can personally and collectively connect to, just by visiting them and being one with nature. For the most part, they are still one of the city’s hidden gems, so we couldn’t be more excited to encourage more people in our community to experience this natural connection and the benefits of engaging with them regularly as a part of our lives.”



Chloe Sánchez and Janessah McIntosh from Newtonbrook Creek

“We are so thrilled to be InTO the Ravine Community Champions. Our love for native plants and plant medicine inspired us to create Willowdale Holistic Garden Club & Medicine Women. We plan to hike through trails in Newtonbrook Creek teaching about native plants and their uses and exploring the historical significance of the creek and its connections to Indigenous communities. We will be discovering how native plants connect us to ourselves, history and their importance to Indigenous peoples & their heritage and cultures.”


InTO the Ravines is a program in partnership with the City of Toronto