Park People started in 2011 when our Founder asked the question: “How can our Toronto parks better serve people and communities?” 

We're still dedicated to asking Toronto park people what they need and providing the connections and support to maintain a thriving Park Network program across Toronto. 

Community park groups in the Toronto Network organize volunteers to green and care for their local parks, advocate for park improvements, and host events such as tree plantings, nature walks, and festivals. We help them build their capacity, amplify their impact and increase awareness of the city parks movement.

"Park People is amazing! Without them, there wouldn't be such an educated and engaged community supporting our parks" Friends of Masaryk Park & Melbourne Parkette

Benefits for Toronto Network Members:

Toronto Network members share-in all of the benefits of the National Network. Because there's a strong grassroots presence in this city, they also benefit from: 

  • Hands-on Support: Park People hosts small and large in-person events like park talks, workshops and other training sessions that build the capacity of Toronto Park Network members. We also host social gatherings that offer unique networking opportunities among Network members and between members and the local municipality. 
  • Collaboration and partnership building:  We help connect Toronto park groups with partners like funders and collaborators to help create “win-win” relationships that are realized in great park programs and grants and funding opportunities. 


Generously Supported by

TD Bank Group
Balsam Foundation
United Way Toronto
Mrs. Meyers