Parks are not simply green places of respite with grass and trees—they are critical pieces of the social infrastructure of our cities. And we believe they have a role to play in creating more inclusive, equitable places that are shaped by and for the people living there " Park People's Sparking Change Report 2017

The Sparking Change Toronto program works with equity seeking community groups to provide them with the training, networks, seed funding and one-on-one coaching they need to make their parks more vibrant and their neighbourhoods stronger.

Park People is providing direct support to community groups in Toronto  to help them transform their parks into powerful engines of community development. We'll do this by:

  • Building the capacity of park group leaders.
  • Providing access to training, one on one coaching and networks.
  • Contributing seed funding to catalyze parks in underserved communities.
  • Establishing community partnerships that link organizations together to help transform parks into community hubs.


Generously Supported by The Balsam Foundation with additional support from:

City of Toronto

TD Bank

The Catherine Donnelly Foundation

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