Park People Research Reports:

Park People’s is committed to producing original research that highlights the challenges and opportunities in our parks.  Since our inception, knowledge generation and knowledge sharing have been core to our vision and work with parks and park groups.

Thriving Places (2016)

With the intensification of many communities in the Greater Golden Horseshoe, we are seeing a change in the way people use parks. Parks in higher density areas are heavily relied on by urban residents who no longer have access to private backyards for outdoor exercise and for social and cultural activities. This requires a change in the way parks have historically been planned and designed in many of these municipalities.

Thriving Places is designed as a case study toolkit highlighting new urban parks and open spaces in the Greater Golden Horseshoe that showcase creative ideas for planning, designing, programming, and engaging community in public spaces in intensifying neighbourhoods.

Thriving Places was produced by Park People with funding from the Government of Ontario through the Places to Grow Implementation Fund. Download the report here >>



Making Connections (2015)

Park People’s report ‘Making Connections’ (PDF, 7 MB) proposes strategies for creating a network of parks and open spaces that can connect our parks, ravines, hydro and rail corridors, streets, laneways, schoolyards, and other public spaces. Read the report now >

Pathway to Parks – A New Way Forward for Toronto’s Parks (2011)

Timed to coincide with the with City budget deliberations and consultations on a new Parks Plan, Pathway to Parks offers Toronto Park People’s budget neutral solutions to improve Toronto’s parks. Read the report now.

Fertile Ground for New Thinking: Improving Toronto’s Parks (2010)

Executive Director Dave Harvey used his Fellowship with the Metcalf Foundation to research and write this report on improving our parks. The report was very well received and became the inspiration for launching Park People. Read the report now.

Growing Opportunities (2014)

One of the oldest parks in the City of Toronto, Allan Gardens and its historic conservatory provide a unique space in the heart of downtown Toronto amidst a diverse and bustling neighbourhood. With these assets, Allan Gardens represents an unparalleled opportunity in the city to create a truly vibrant, active public space for the surrounding community, the wider city, and visitors to Toronto—an opportunity that a renewed focus and energy can help bring to life. The report recommends that a new partnership model focus on the conservatory and adjacent gardens, with a full-time project manager needed to engage with the community, the City, and potential funders to lay the necessary groundwork for a success. Read the full report now.