Thriving Places

Thriving Places

Thriving Places

janvier 1, 2016

With the intensification of many communities in the Greater Golden Horseshoe, we are seeing a change in the way people use parks. Parks in higher density areas are heavily relied on by urban residents who no longer have access to private backyards for outdoor exercise and for social and cultural activities. This requires a change in the way parks have historically been planned and designed in many of these municipalities.

Thriving Places is designed as a case study toolkit highlighting new urban parks and open spaces in the Greater Golden Horseshoe that showcase creative ideas for planning, designing, programming, and engaging community in public spaces in intensifying neighbourhoods.

Thriving Places was produced by Park People with funding from the Government of Ontario through the Places to Grow Implementation Fund.

We don’t always need to look to cities such as New York, Vancouver, and San Francisco for creative park ideas when so many municipalities across the GGH are stepping up with innovative projects.