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Toronto Park Group Networking Meetings

Toronto Network
Hosted: mai 6, 2024

Join a series of online participatory network meetings for park friends groups in Toronto starting May 6 at 6 pm, a new initiative led by Friends of Sorauren Park and supported by Park People.

Friends of Sorauren Park is a non-profit, volunteer-run, community-based organization dedicated to completing and enjoying Sorauren Avenue Park in the West End. The group wants to help create and foster a collaborative space for Toronto parks groups to share knowledge, converse, and support one another on shared challenges and opportunities.

The first meeting will be a casual online gathering so we can all introduce ourselves, get to know each other, and hear what topics you’re eager to discuss during any future participatory online network meeting held by the group. Participants will shape the format of future meetings and topics covered, such as event planning, fundraising, permits, bake oven management, community gardening, volunteer recruitment, and more. Friends of Sorauren Park is interested in creating participatory network meetings that fit YOUR needs!

To register, please send an email to Cyntia Hashie at


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  • Language: This session will be held in English.
  • Breaks: A 5-minute break will be offered.
  • Sensory level: Medium. Multiple people may talk simultaneously in breakout rooms.
  • Interaction level: High. Participants are encouraged to engage in conversations.
  • Accommodations requests: Please send your request(s) to Cynthia at

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