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In 2019, ReSistering was birthed along the shore’s edge of the Niwa’ah Onega’gaih’ih ~ Kobechenonk ~ the Humber River. Since then, deep roots have been planted and Ancestral commitments to our Relatives, reawakened. Re-Sistering commits to the work of re-Indigenizing with place-keeping by creating the ReSistering Gitiganing within Etienne Brule Park and both the Baakwaad Gitiganing and the Aninaatig Gitiganing within High Park. Centering 2S / Trans / Indigenous Women and their kin, these garden hold safe space for Ceremony and Land Based cultural work including practices of food justice + food security. We are ReStorying earthwork as Ceremony and Land reclamation through rematriation of ancestral tribal seeds and gathering within the ever-expanding vessel of Ceremony. ReSistering work is endorsed by the following Indigenous Elders :: Catharine Tammaro - Seated Faith Kepper - Wyandot of Anderdon Nation, Spotted Turtle Clan // Donna Powless – Seated Faith Keeper - Cayuga of Six Nations, Snipe Clan // Blu Waters Istchii Nickamoon – Mi’kmaq + Cree, Métis, Wolf Clan. Seed Keeper :: Joce Two Crows - Great Lakes métis, Beaver clan. Indigenous, Black, Black-Indigenous community members as well as displaced peoples and also settler ally – accomplices present in the work and Ceremony are innumerable. The community is ever-growing and intergenerational.

The Baakwaad Gitiganing in High Park is the growing space of the Rainbow Bear Corn amongst the other Sisters which are currently seasonally growing in traditional mounds. Many Semaa ~ Tobacco mounds line the northern side of the garden and amplify our growing intentions of place keeping and honour. Two Spirit + Trans Full Moon Ceremonies are currently being held within the garden as a responsibility to our Relatives + Ancestors. At the Aninaatig Gitiganing within High Park is the birthplace of a Ghost Corn. Along Cobechenonk, is the infamous ReSistering Garden – birthplace to the ReSistering Corn and place for Grief Ceremony in response to the MMIWG2S+ Report. Along the waterway, we have a resurgent practice of Salmon honouring in the fall, which feast our community and amends the traditional mounds. Come early spring, ReSistering honours the Aninaatig with our consensual practice of tapping for the sweet Maple Water. Seasonally, ReSistering carries forward responsibilities centering our non-human Relatives. As we enter into this new growing season, the ReSistering project will continue along the Niwa’ah Onega’gaih’ih ~ Kobechenonk ~ the Humber River as well as in High Park with many gatherings such as Full Moon Ceremonies, Garden Opening Ceremonies, Planting Ceremonies, Water Ceremonies, Sacred Fire, Salmon Harvesting, Medicine Walks, Maple Tapping, Deer Hide Honouring, Harvesting Ceremonies amongst the intentional culturally relevant revitalization work.