7 Questions: Perspectives on the future of parks and public spaces – A webinar series

The pivot toward parks: How can we sustain creative activation of our public spaces beyond the pandemic?

October 20, 2020

COVID-19 showed us how space, resources, and power can be reallocated to create new possibilities for our parks and public spaces.

Community-led projects have helped parks pivot toward serving food security, active transportation, arts, and local businesses – like never before.

What are the practical implications of reimagining parks’ role in communities? What systems do we need to reimagine in order for us to build parks back better?

This webinar tackles these big questions to get communities excited about collaborating with city staff for a new vision for park activation. 


Moderator: Adam Hasham, Research Assistant, Park People. 

In partnership with The Canadian Urban Institute.

Generously supported by

TD Ready Commitment Metcalf Foundation

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