The InTO the Ravines Champions program offers community members, whether novice or experienced, training and support to host an event in one of Toronto's ravine parks.

The program offers ten teams of two champions the chance to promote Toronto's ravines within their communities, encouraging exploration, nature connection and stewardship. In 2022, InTO the Ravines Champions connected 252 community members to their ravines, with 28 visiting them for the first time. 

As part of InTO the Ravine Champions, you'll have the opportunity to:

  • Learn about Toronto’s ravines by attending our three robust training sessions,
  • Discover creative ways to engage your community and help others experience the ravines,
  • Host one online or in-person activity with your partner between June 30 and November 1, 2023. 

Each champion team receives $500 for event expenses, along with training, ongoing support about the ravine ecosystem and event organization, and access to the Park People network, resources, and micro-grant opportunities.

The training sessions cover the following topics: Introduction to our Ravines, Engagement & Event Planning in the Ravines, and Ravines’ Indigenous History & Perspectives. These sessions are held in partnership with the City of Toronto, Urban Forestry.

Please note that the 2023 InTO the Ravines program application is now closed. Contact us if you would like more information about the program or upcoming events in the ravines.

Meet the  InTO the Ravines Champions 

Check out the incredible people who engaged their communities in Toronto’s one-of-a-kind ravine system, and what they have to say about their ravines and role.

Meet our 2023 InTO the Ravines Champions 

The InTO the Ravines Champions are community leaders who engage their communities in Toronto’s one-of-a-kind ravine system.

Meet our 2023 InTO the Ravines Champions

Meet our InTO the Ravines Champions Alumni

Once a champion, always a champion. Over the years, our team has kept supporting our InTO the Ravines Champions Alumni. The alumni went through the program in the past years and keep using their learnings to bring their communities to their local ravines and share their experiences with other champions and community leaders. 

In 2023, for Ravine Days, Park People is supporting our InTO the Ravines Champions Alumni. $500 to 8 groups who answered a call to action from Cindy. Ayesha and Cindy support those eight groups through phone calls and supplies to host small events under 25 participants during ravine days. 

In partnership with

City of Toronto