The Montreal Park People Network brings together 4 partner organizations: les Amis des parcs (Park People), Montreal Urban Ecology Centre, le Conseil régional de l’environnement de Montréal and Les amis de la montagne.  

Whether you're a volunteer group, not-for-profit organization, local agency, or resident association,  The Montreal Park People Network wants to work with you to build your capacity, amplify your impact and build a stronger city parks movement in Montreal.

Our current work in Montreal is focused on ensuring that Montreal's network of city parks complement each other and meet the needs of communities, including:
  • Understanding all of the groups that make up the Montreal park landscape,
  • Supporting and connecting the people committed to citizen-led park engagement, including underserved communities,
  • Using our national platform to advance best practices in park programming, community engagement, funding, and operations, and
  • Collaborating with municipal leaders and partners to address the need for great parks in our growing cities.

Generously supported by

TD Ready Commitment

Secrétariat à la région métropolitaine du ministère des Affaires municipales et de l’Habitation

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