Park People Network

Strengthening Work in City Parks Across Canada

Park People unites and supports a growing network of city park champions across Canada. We are the only nationwide organization dedicated to animating and improving city parks.

We are committed to:


Supporting and connecting the people committed to citizen-led park engagement

Using our national platform to advance best practices in park programming, community engagement, funding and operations

Collaborating with municipalities and other partners to address the need for great parks in our growing cities

Photo by Sarah Gladki, Toronto Arts Council

Park People supports network members by providing:


Resources to strengthen your work in city parks including workshops, webinars and conference calls. Direct support from Park People rooted in our knowledge of best practices and on-the-ground experience working with groups like yours.

Latest News

Our network newsletter shines a light on great projects, highlights upcoming funding and partnership opportunities, and gives you a chance to sign up early for Park People events.


Connections with other park people around the country or right in your neighbourhood for advice and support on your projects. Search our network map to find peers, or contact Park People directly.



Events, reports, media and social media that celebrate and amplify the work of Canadian city park champions, like you.

Who can join the network?

If you’re passionate about Canadian city parks, you’re eligible to join the Park People Network. Membership is open to city park champions including ‘park friends’ groups, municipal park staff, non-profit organizations and interested citizens.

How do I join the network?

  1. Fill in the form below
  2. If you’re a community park group, add your group’s profile to the national map

Park People will follow up once we’ve received your information.

Founding Sponsor

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