Host a Climate Change Workshop

March 10, 2020

Clemence Marcastel

Shwasti” is a Bengali word meaning peace and comfort. It’s also the name of a grassroots community organization in Toronto’s Taylor Massey and Oakridge Neighborhood Improvement Area.

Many of the people who take part in Shwasti’s programs are from Bangladesh, a country on the frontline of climate change. When the group’s leaders sensed rising anxiety and fear about climate change, they looked to Park People to help develop new programming. As per their name, the group was eager to restore a sense of “peace and comfort” to their community in the face of this global challenge.

Park People supports Shwasti’s work, both through our Sparking Change program and in 2018 Shwasti received TD Park People Grant which they used to support the program.

The workshop was led by Park People’s own Brianna Aspinall. Besides her community engagement work at Park People, Brianna heads up Carbon Conversations TO. Brianna and her team delivered two workshops to Shwasti participants.


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