A Day at the Park : The series about how city parks shape us

juin 22, 2020
Park People

Because what happens in parks is public, the impacts of the pandemic have been rendered perhaps most visible on our shared landscapes. As Alan Broadbent said (and Dave Harvey shares in his great contribution kicking off this series): “Parks, principal among public spaces, are a telling face to the world.”

What is our face to the world currently showing us?

In the last few months, we’ve seen playgrounds wrapped in yellow tape and powerful public protests in city parks. We’ve also been moved by scenes of people soaking up nature and community like never before.  This has driven home that parks are where memories are made. They link us to times and places.

The people you’ll hear from in our new series, A Day at the Park, highlight the impacts parks have on our lives. The contributors hail from across Canada and all walks of life. Their experiences offer a poignant reminder that parks, whether they’re expansive and lush or only reachable by hopping a dangerously high fence, shape us.

Thank you to all of the generous people who have delved deep to share their park stories with us. Also, a huge thank you to TD Ready Commitment for supporting city parks across Canada.