Connecting Communities and Green Space: TD Park People Grants in Action

janvier 3, 2024
Lucie Choulet

Help build vital connections between people and parks with TD Park People Grants 2024!

In 2023, with support from TD Bank Group through its corporate citizenship platform, the TD Ready Commitment, TD Park People Grants brought energy, joy and connection to communities across Canada. These $2,000 microgrants enabled 72 community park groups to host events focusing on environmental education, sustainability and stewardship in urban parks. 

In 2023, TD Park People Grants recipients hosted 232 fantastic events and fun activities, including an Indigenous placemaking and permaculture workshop in Calgary, a tool repair and swap event in Toronto, an art exhibition and a BIPOC hike in Halifax, a food forest planting event in Vancouver, or a fungi festival in Montreal. 

78% of the grants were delivered in equity-deserving communities, ensuring that the benefits of parks and green spaces are widely accessible.

Source: Mushroom cultivation workshop, Jardin pour tous, Jardin Urbains Notman, Montréal

TD Park People Grants now available in 21 new urban areas across Canada

Starting today, community groups and organizations can apply to receive a $2,000 TD Park People Grant to host two events connecting communities to their local parks and green spaces within 21 urban areas across Canada. 

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The application deadline is February 27, 2024. Apply Now

Carolyn Scotchmer, Executive Director of TD Friends of the Environment Foundation, shared:

“Through the TD Ready Commitment, TD is committed to supporting programs and initiatives that reflect our vision for a more vibrant planet, like the TD Park People Grants, provided by Park People. Together, we’re working to support community building while also contributing to the ongoing care and protection of green spaces across Canada.”

Groups representing Canada’s diverse urban communities are encouraged to apply

TD Park People Grants are available to almost any community event in a publicly accessible green space – a city park, social housing property, or schoolyard. Want to host a climate change workshop? A nature walk? Promote Indigenous stewardship? Apply for a TD Park People Grant

Your events must support green spaces’ ongoing care and protection through environmental education, sustainability and stewardship initiatives, but they can be as unique as your community!

Grassroots community groups and small community-based organizations are eligible to apply and are not required to have a trustee or have charitable status to receive the grant. You can combine the TD Park People grant with other sources of funding.

“We are proud to extend our TD Park People grants to 21 new urban areas across Canada and to launch our Accessibility Fund Pilot in 2024 to support more accessible and inclusive events and activities across the country. We encourage all diverse communities and neighbourhoods to apply,” says Erika Nikolai, Park People’s co-executive Director. 

Source: Summer concert, Hope Blooms, Hope Blooms Garden and Greenhouse,  Halifax

Gearing toward more accessible and inclusive park events

We believe parks are for everyone to enjoy, including people with disability, chronic illnesses, or aging-related challenges. To support more accessible and inclusive events and activities across Canada, we’re launching an Accessibility Fund Pilot this year.

Selected groups will receive an additional $1,000 or $500 to improve the accessibility of their events. Selected groups must engage in one training and apply what they’ve learnt to their own events.

Are you interested in the Accessibility Fund? Reach out to us at

You have until February 27 to apply for the TD Park People Grants. The application process is simple, and we’ve developed valuable resources to help groups host engaging community events. We will host a webinar on January 24 at 1 pm EST to answer any questions about the grants and application process. Please register here for our Q&A webinar.

We can’t wait to see what this year’s TD Park People Grant recipients have in store for their communities! 


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